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Products Type: 18O water 18O>95ィ Formula:  H218O

Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry (SRICI) is the world leader in the separation of 15 N isotope and China leader in the separation of 18 O for medical applications and the production of stable isotope labelled compounds.

From the 1960's, SRICI began the research on separating 2 H, 15 N, 13 C, 22 Ne ... etc. In 2000 SRICI built the world's largest 15 N separation facility, which has met the 60% 15 N needs of worldwide consumers.

In 2002 SRICI took cognizance of the extensive need of the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and began the research on separating 18 O. SRICI constructed its first 18 O water distillation plant in China. This plant meets advanced world standards and now has an annual production capacity of 100 Kg.

With our breadth of experience and expertise in stable isotopes, SRICI is very sure of itself to satisfy the growing global needs of the PET community for consistently high quality product delivered on time at a fair price.

SRICI sincerely invite your inquiries for the supply of 18O water and 18O labeled chemical compound.  




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